Alpine Pediatrics COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Vaccines
Beginning Monday Nov 8th, 2021 we will begin offering COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11. We can give a limited number of doses each day during clinic. Please be patient as we try to accommodate the large volume of patients seeking this vaccine. Our new Pioneer Crossing office does not have COVID vaccines yet, but is waiting to be approved. Please call one of our offices to schedule an appointment.

We continue to administer the COVID vaccine to patients 12+ during daytime clinic hours. Again, your patience is appreciated while we handle a large volume of requests for vaccination.

We are currently offering the Pfizer vaccine in a 2 dose series 21 days apart. This applies to all ages 5 - Adult.

How to get test results for COVID SALIVA TEST: Click Here to view instructions on how to access your childs test results through the My Health+ app.

CDC updated recommendation on isolation and quarantine period after COVID-19 infection or exposure: Click Here

COVID Testing Update
Obtaining a reliable source of COVID tests has been challenging. In order to provide the most accurate tests and to manage our supply, we are offering COVID testing as follows.

  1. If you want a rapid COVID test, you must be seen by a provider and must be exposed or symptomatic with no other tests done.
  2. We will offer as many Nurse Visit COVID tests as we can each day, primarily for asymptomatic patients. These will be saliva tests. (nothing in mouth 30 min prior to saliva test) Results in 3-5 days. See the link above to obtain your results.
  3. Saliva tests only for adults. No other test will be given to a parent. (Nothing in mouth 30 min prior to salvia test) Results in 3-5 days. See link above to obtain your results
  4. Watch for further updates as our supplies are quickly diminishing
IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO DETERMINE IF YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BILL OR IF THEY WILL COVER THE COST. Among other things, your insurance may need to know if you have symptoms, exposure, or if you are ruling out COVID for travel or other activities. They will use this information to determine coverage.

  1. Nurse Visit (99211) $35. Your insurance has negotiated a rate at or below this. Cash pay will be a 25% discount.
  2. Lab/COVID Test charge (87635). The actual test will be billed at $80. Your insurance has negotiated a rate at or below this. Cash pay will be a 25% discount or $60.
  3. If your child needs to be seen by a Provider at the time of testing, the Nurse Visit will not be billed, but an office visit will be billed along with the lab/COVID Test charge.
Alpine Pediatrics will handle all reporting to the Health Department.

Update on Seeing Patients Effective Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

  1. Even though the majority of our staff have been vaccinated for COVID, they are required to wear masks during patient interaction.
  2. Any sick patient is required to wear a mask. Some exceptions will be made for Behavioral Health Visits with our Therapists.
  3. Patients will check in at the receptionist desk. We have both a sick and well side that are clearly marked and separated.
  4. We continue to do extra cleaning throughout the office.