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Cost Share Plans

To the parent(s) of our patient(s):

We have been reviewing the many "Cost Sharing Plans" that have been presented to us, including but not limited to Liberty HealthShare, Altrua HealthShare, Christian Health Ministries, Medi-Share Christian Care Ministries, and Shared Health Alliance. We have determined that these are not truly insurance plans and will not be recognized as such.

We have tried to be reimbursed by these “Plans”, but have met considerable challenges which often result in our patients being billed.

If you are currently participating or plan to participate with these "Plans", please be aware that all services offered through Alpine Pediatrics will be self-pay with a discount of 25% and payment in full will be expected at the time of service.

We will provide you a detailed receipt that you may submit to your cost share plan for reimbursement.


Alpine Pediatrics