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COVID Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a COVID test for my child?

  • If your child is over 2 years old, you can go to testutah.com and fill out the online questionnaire and they will direct you to a location. Intermountain has several locations including American Fork and Riverton hospitals, go online for hours of operation.  Mountain Point Medical Center also does testing in their parking lot.
  • If your child is under 2 years old and they are symptomatic, they need to come in to be seen by a provider and we will give you an order for a COVID test if needed.   If they are asymptomatic and need an order to return to daycare after an exposure, you can chat with one of our triage nurses on our website and they will arrange an order for you. 

Will my insurance cover a COVID test?

  • You can go to any location for a COVID test with any insurance

Will Alpine Pediatrics provide a paper order for a COVID test for my child?

  • - Testing centers do not need an order if your child is symptomatic. If you have a legitimate need for a COVID test and your child does not have symptoms (travel, return to school, return to work) please chat on our website with one of our triage nurses and they can arrange an order for you.

Does Alpine Pediatrics provide COVID testing?

  • Not at this time, we hope to begin rapid testing in our office this Winter when these test become available.

My child tested negative for COVID and is still sick? Can they go back to school?

  • If your child has a fever they should not go to school. If not, then they can return to school when they are feeling better as long as they wear a mask. Follow your school’s guidelines.