Collaborative Care
What is Collaborative Care?
The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) is a team-based approach to mental health that involves a group of healthcare providers working together to deliver comprehensive and coordinated care to patients. At Alpine Pediatrics this includes a Care Manager, a Pediatric Provider, and a Psychiatric Consultant. The Care Manager will communicate with the family regularly to monitor treatment effectiveness, to track patient progress and to provide education and resources. The Care Manager will then report back to the CoCM team.

Why Collaborative Care?
  Comprehensive Care: Collaborative care ensures that all aspects of a child's health—physical, emotional, and social—are addressed. This holistic approach leads to better health outcomes and improved overall well-being.
  Enhanced Communication and Coordination: Regular communication and coordination among healthcare providers prevents fragmented care and ensures that all team members are informed about the patient’s condition and treatment plan.
  Early Detection and Intervention: Children and adolescents are at a critical stage of development, and early detection of mental health issues can significantly influence their long-term outcomes.

What to expect from Collaborative Care?
Coordination of Care
Family Support and Education
Resource Navigation
Monitoring and Follow-Up

Will I be billed for this service? Medicaid programs and private insurers are increasingly recognizing and reimbursing for these services. It’s essential for patients to verify coverage details with individual insurance plans. If your insurance covers CoCM, they will have a contract rate that reduces our charge. Provide the following information to verify coverage and what your responsibility will be. The first month's charge is $260 with CPT Code 99492. Each additional month's charge is $210 with CPT Code 99493. Be sure to reinforce to your insurance that these charges are billed under your medical provider and not a mental health provider! If you are cash pay you will receive a 25% discount if payment is made within one week of receiving a text notification. You can ask to be removed from the program at any time, however, the cost cannot be prorated if you decide to end the program in the middle of the month.